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Flow State

The flow state is your go-to tool to get more done in less time. Learn how to zoom in and dramatically increase focus.


Meeting deadlines at work starts with learning how to set your own deadlines. Discover the benefits and how to set better goals for yourself.

Working From Home

Working from home is great until you get interrupted every single minute. Learn how to avoid distractions and get more done.


Habits and routines help you get work done without even thinking about it. Learn how to start and end your day well.


To get more done, you should start less. Here's how to decide between doing something or not and how to decline an offer.

Mental Health

To work harder, you need to be in a mentally good place. Learn how to deal with anxiety and stress first before you put more pressure on yourself.


Reading, and especially taking notes from what you read, can make you more productive. Here's how to read faster and take better notes.

Other Productivity Tips

So much to learn about productivity. Here are a few more interesting reads that didn't fit into the previous category. Like the effects of Coffee.

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