How it all started

On a boring quarantine day in Bolivia, Kjell was browsing the internet and the App Store in search of a financial portfolio app. Reading many useless lists and downloading far from perfect apps left him quite frustrated. However, it also left him with an idea. What if he could create a website that only gives the best three apps or tools? 

Kjell and Loki had recently caught up in a group chat with some friends. Kjell had told Loki about his personal blog and Loki had shown quite some interest, even giving tips on the social media aspect of it. 

As Kjell had this new idea and was convinced that Loki would be a great partner for this project, he gave him a call on the 30th of May. And that, my kids, is how it all started.

The first month

During the first call, our heroes shared a few frustrations. Why are recipe blogs full of background information if people only want to see the ingredients and steps? Why are blog lists so long if most people only need one solution? They wanted to be different. They would create a website that only gave 3 actionable tips. It had to be quick, reliable and easy to implement. Although the initial idea was to write about apps, they soon decided that they had a more important message to share: how to be more productive to and lead a satisfying life. 

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  • Vision: We believe in a world with happy and productive people who are masters of their time. Thanks to their enhanced productivity they have more time to relax, explore the world and spend time with loved ones. 
  • Mision: To give our readers the necessary tips and tools to achieve more in less time so they have more time to squeeze out every experience life has to offer.

About Loki

After I met Kjell (and found myself, of course) on a gap year after school, I knew I had to be a football coach. Therefore, I went to University and studied Economics. “But if you want to be a coach then why study Economics?” Is what the untrained brain may think. However, Arsene Wenger studied Economics. Need I say more?

I’m heading back for my final year of University in September ‘20 after a year working in the Risk division at Lloyds Banking Group. Working life is very different to being a student. While the freedom will be refreshing, discipline will be paramount to have a successful and ‘lit’ final year. Via TopThreeGuide I have already learned so much about productivity. Turns out Kjell ain’t half bad at writing. Join me and other TTG readers. Take your first step on a productivity journey and never hesitate to get in contact for questions, feedback or conversation. 

  • What I value
    • An absence of ego. Honesty and authenticity. Being truly yourself is the ultimate form of courage.
  • What I hate
    • I hate self-sabotaging habits. I hate non-action. Too many times have I tried to figure out situations when I should be living and experiencing them instead.
  • What drives me
    • Progression and development. Learning about life by living it. Getting closer to success through failure.
  • What frustrates me
    • Loquacious people with uncontrolled mouths. 
  • What is my goal
    • Lean into passions, interests and abilities to enjoy the journey of elevating the level of myself, those around me and those I do not know.
  • What I am grateful for
    • My parents and their values. My comfort and privilege of life as a result of their sacrifice. Walks in nature.

About Kjell 

Born in Belgium, living in Bolivia. When I completed my university degree, I decided to follow my dreams. They’ve taken me to London, Uganda, Bolivia and Peru. Being a teacher, which I dreamt of doing later in life, suddenly became one of my first jobs. Working as a part-time teacher and football coach allowed me enough time to work on other projects as well. That’s how I started as a freelance writer. Deep inside, it’s what I’ve always wanted to be. Juggling it all wasn’t always easy but sparked my interest in productivity and sharing my ideas. Just that, is what my intentions are for Top Three Guide. Social media isn’t my natural habitat and that’s why Loki is my professional half orange. 

  • What I value
    • I value our world, the environment and common sense
  • What I hate
    • I hate being disturbed when I’m zoned in on a task.
  • What drives me
    • I love sharing great ideas that might change people’s life for the better.
  • What frustrates me
    • I am disappointed with people who think the world revolves around them. Especially those who can’t stick to the side of the pavement. 
  • What is my goal
    • My goals is to reach a level of productivity that allows myself to buy and read all the books I want. As a result, I’ll be able to share more knowledgeable and deeper advice. 
  • What I am grateful for
    • If there’s a god, I’d like to thank him for coffee, although I should probably drink less of it. Additionally, I’m grateful for this amazing planet with its stunning places and beautiful people.  
Top Three Recommended Non-fiction1) How to stop worrying and start living – Dale Carnegie
2) Art of War – Sun Tzu (translated by Thomas Cleary)
3) Mike Tyson – Undisputed Truth
1) Principles, Ray Dalio
2) How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie
3) Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind, Yuval Harari
Top Three Recommended Fiction1) The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho 
2) The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
3) To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee
1) Motherless Brooklyn, Jonathan Lethem
2) Animal Farm, George Orwell
3) Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
Top Three Want To Read1) Becoming – Michelle Obama
2) Long walk to freedom – Nelson Mandela
3) Leading – Alex Ferguson
1) Atomic Habits, James Clear
2) Tools of Titans, Tim Ferriss
3) The Simulation Hypothesis, Rizwan Virk 
Top Three People That Influenced Me1) Muhammad Ali
2) Arsene Wenger
2) Ivan Colomer-Martinez*
1) Tim Ferriss
2) Simon Sinek
3) Tim Vanhoorneweder**
Top Three Podcasts/ YouTube channels1) School of Life (YT)
2) Tifo Football (YT)
3) Hayters TV (YT)
1) The Tim Ferriss Show
2) WorkLife with Adam Grant
3) Ted Talks Daily Bonus for Dutch speakers: Nerdland maandoverzicht

*Now a close friend, he was my first boss and my coach when I joined a men’s football team aged 16. He was and still is a mentor in coaching and in life. He gave me my first coaching opportunity. Without it, I don’t take a gap year. I don’t meet Kjell. I don’t realise the beauty of football or coaching – and the life lessons they can both teach us. 

**He’s my stepbrother. Because of him, I’m an Arsenal fan. Because of that I did a gap year, met Loki, travelled to new continents, met my girlfriend and moved to a completely new country. If not for all these things, I’d probably be working a boring office job back in Belgium. 

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