Three months eh,

Three months ago, none of this existed. No one knew about T3G until 2 months ago. And now, we have 30+ published articles, several daily visitors and 466 followers across platforms.

Read and watch our reflections:

Our August reflections on YouTube

In the last month, we’ve mainly written about avoiding distractions.

We’ve got a few more articles waiting for the finishing touches. Expect articles about our note-taking system, disconnecting from work and the benefits of meditation on productivity by the end of this week.

So what’s next?

The next month will be different. We’re going to focus on two types of content. One, we’re going to put things into practice ourselves. Expect more personal views and opinions. Two, the exact opposite. We’re going to zoom in on a few of our heroes. Think “What are the top 3 productivity takeaways from Tim Ferriss” and “What are the top 3 things Gary V has to teach about social media.

Additionally, We’re going to focus on building our social media presence this month. We’re well aware that we need to learn in order to do this, so we’re open to all your suggestions.

And finally, if you were in charge, what would you change about Top Three Guide?