Kjell VDV

Kjell Vandevyvere is a freelance writer for finance and fintech companies. He's also deeply interested in startups and VC. Productivity is his favourite hobby, after football (the British kind).

More is Less

In the past year, I made many things happen. But at the same time, I was running away from life. I was always staying busy. Hustling, as they say. Every dead moment was spent creating, building an audience and checking in on Twitter. I made free products, created ebooks, wrote newsletters, produced a podcast, build a few …

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Year in Review

My review of the last year, with a special focus on Top Three Guide and how it influenced me. This review is based on a template from Ness Labs. For each of the below subjects, I’ll try to elaborate on three things that went well, three things that didn’t go so well and one to …

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