Just Start Doing It

man wearing white sweater and black shorts about to run

I just found one of the best productivity hacks yesterday. Kind of random. Now, this isn’t something extraordinary. Actually, it’s rather simple. And this is good. It means you can easily implement it in your life too. So here’s how it work. Just start. How often do you not start a project, task or whatnot […]

Guest Post: Key Lessons from a Successful Entrepreneur

Guest Post by Paco: Paco Cantero is a computer science engineer/entrepreneur who founded his first company in 2002. Today, he runs 4 companies: a global marketing agency, a spirits brand, and a private marketplace. As a goal-achiever, he launched his last project in 2020: WORRYbeHAPPY (www.worrybehappy.com), a place where he shares knowledge on the topics he has […]

Reflecting on Priorities

Lives takes turns. Mostly for the better. But it often means setting things aside. Where does that leave Top Three Guide?