More is Less

In the past year, I made many things happen. But at the same time, I was running away from life. I was always staying busy. Hustling, as they say. Every dead moment was spent creating, building an audience and checking in on Twitter. I made free products, created ebooks, wrote newsletters, produced a podcast, build a few […]

January Reflections

Hi there, This is Kjell reflecting on the good, the bad and the ugly from last month. Let’s have a look at the top 3 of each. The good top 3 I made a few friends on Twitter and Instagram. One of these new friends agreed to write a guest post. I also wrote one […]

December Reflections

December reflections

Reflecting on the last month of 2020. What went well, what could have gone better and what is new in Top Three Guide land?

Year in Review

My review of the last year, with a special focus on Top Three Guide and how it influenced me. This review is based on a template from Ness Labs. For each of the below subjects, I’ll try to elaborate on three things that went well, three things that didn’t go so well and one to […]

November Reflections

What’s going on with Top Three Guide 6 months after its birth?
Read all about it in our monthly reflections.

October Reflections

Hi again! Kjell here. Another month has flown by. With COVID-19 and limits on social interactions, time seems to pass very slowly; but not for T3G. When I look back at some articles, I often can’t believe it’s been so long since we’ve published them. What seems like yesterday, was actually published more than a […]

September Reflections

Our reflections after four months of Top Three Guide. Despite not growing as exponentially as hoped for, we’re still going strong.

July Reflections

Our reflections after 2 months of T3G. What has been bothering us? What are we proud of? And our thoughts about your feedback.