Just Start Doing It

man wearing white sweater and black shorts about to run

I just found one of the best productivity hacks yesterday. Kind of random. Now, this isn’t something extraordinary. Actually, it’s rather simple. And this is good. It means you can easily implement it in your life too. So here’s how it work. Just start. How often do you not start a project, task or whatnot […]

How I Get to Inbox Zero

Getting to inbox zero

Do you dream of inbox zero but always have 1000+ unfinished emails? I don’t. Dealing with the idea that I might be missing an important email or might fail to reply to someone timely, doesn’t make me feel comfortable. That’s why I can’t stand an inbox with unread emails and I clear it every day. […]

Top 3 Easy Time-Saving Hacks Part I

Easy time-saving hacks

Use these three easy time-saving hacks to boost your productivity. Browse faster, communicate more efficiently on Whatsapp and watch more videos in less time.