Hi there!

Thanks for checking in on us again. We appreciate it!

A couple of days ago, I wrote an annual review of my personal life and Top Three Guide’s influence. Just to make things complete, I’m ending the year with the last monthly review.

There’s not a whole lot to be said about December. In true T3G style, I’ll some it up in three points. But not before I tell you about what I’ve written in December:

1. Loki and Kjell

Top Three Guide started as a partnership between Loki and myself. It still is but Loki is hibernating.

Being busy with University and other projects, Loki could not include T3G is his list of priorities anymore. And that’s fine. Saying no to something and focusing on what is more important right now is better than spreading yourself too thin. Well done, Loki.

We’re still in contact, though. We’re still sharing ideas and when we’re slowly paving our way to what we truly want to achieve. Be prepared for something special sometime next year.

2. Social Media

Last month, you indicated that your favourite channel to follow Top Three Guide is Instagram. So, I’ve been trying to focus on that platform with different types of content: posts, videos and stories.

Unfortunately, we’ve actually lost followers in the last month. Feels like a real bitch slap.

On the other side, I prefer Twitter. It’s easier to interact with others and share opinions. If you’re on Twitter, follow me @kjellvdv, it’s the easiest way to share your opinion about our content and chuck in some of your personal tips.

Just in case:

3. Newsletter

Something else I’ve been focusing on in December is the newsletter. Starting this month, I redesigned it and gave it the name Top Three Thursday. I’ve done some self-promo here and there and we’re on 22 subscribers now.

Want to help us make it 30 before the end of the year?