Hi reader, 

We’re trying out something different. This is a short format of just three easy time-saving hacks. Have a look at the hacks and let us know below what you think about them!

3 easy time-saving hacks

Time-saving hack 1: Fasterbrowsing speed thanks to Brave Browser

Brave is disrupting the browser scene. This new browser – launched in 2016 – blocks ads and trackers by default. Because the browser doesn’t waste any time loading these, you’ll enjoy shorter page loading times. You’ll also be less distracted by on-page ads. And the real difference is felt on YouTube. With Brave, you can enjoy your favourite videos as good as ad-free. 

easy time saving hack 2: Brave Browser

Learn more about Brave or download it here

Time-saving hack 2: Speed up video and audio

easy time saving hack 1: speed up YouTube

I rarely watch videos at normal speed. On YouTube or in video courses, I change the speed to 1.25 in the playback speed settings. For video courses, I sometimes go to 1.5 or even 1.75, depending on the speaker. They tend to speak reaaaaaally slooowly. 

When watching a documentary on Netflix, I have the same problem. Netflix, however, doesn’t support playback speed changes. They wanted to include this feature but there were too many protests. Fortunately, there’s a solution. This browser extension works perfectly on all websites, even Netflix.

The native podcast app on iPhone has limited options to change the playback speed. Therefore, I installed the Google podcast app a few weeks ago. I doubt it is the best out there, but it has what I was looking for: the possibility to speed up audio gradually. As I geared it up to 1.2 x and 1.4 x later, I can now save about 12 minutes per hour

Time-saving hack 3: Organise voice messages 

easy time saving hack 3: keywords

Voice notes are extremely useful but can be unorganised. It’s difficult to find past information. Loki and I would often struggle to find past information until we came up with this simple hack. We just type one or two keywords before each voice note. Every message has one idea. Just like that. Fixed.

Sometimes voice notes stack up as well. We might send 5 in a row. By the time I reach number 5, I’ve forgotten what Loki said in number 1. Fortunately, just looking at the keyword might be enough to remember the entire message.


There are many ways to become more productive. These 3 time-saving hacks are just a tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for future advice. 

Did you find these useful? Do you have any time-saving hacks of your own? Let us know in the comments. Let’s start a conversation!