Hi there,

This is Kjell reflecting on the good, the bad and the ugly from last month.

Let’s have a look at the top 3 of each.

The good top 3

  1. I made a few friends on Twitter and Instagram.
  2. One of these new friends agreed to write a guest post. I also wrote one about flow for his website.
  3. SEO is starting to work. We got 40 visits from search engines last month. I am expecting to reach 100 this month! For reference, we started publishing articles in July 2020. Surprisingly, this post about Brave Browser drives the most traffic. Unfortunately, Brave has cancelled its affiliate programme.

The bad top 3

  1. I’ve not written nearly enough last month but I’m working on a new top three guide about finding purpose. That should be ready sometime this week.
  2. I’ve not been very consistent on social media. I started scheduling Tweets with Publer but after I have forgotten the last few days. They integrated Instagram this week, though, so I am looking forward to automating both apps.
  3. The number of newsletter subscribers is growing but at a far slower pace than I was hoping for. We’re now at 28. That’s about 20 behind schedule to reach 100 by the end of this month.

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The ugly top 3

  1. I lost Instagram followers this month and engagement has been fairly low.
  2. I had dengue and was out of action for about a week. I did absolutely nothing but it made me realise that social media and online success are way less important than health. Now that I’m better, I’m forgetting about this valuable lesson again.
  3. My Macbook is dying. It shuts down by itself, freezes and makes weird beeping noises. It’s 9 years old and I should have replaced it some time ago. Now, I’m stuck with this one. Karma. There’s no official dealer where I live and there are heavy travel restrictions within Peru so I can’t just go buy one elsewhere. Besides, the keyboard won’t be “Belgian”. Help me!

Thanks for following Top Three Guide and being part of this journey. I feel February is going to be a great month.