Month 2 of Top Three Guide is coming to an end. For me, it has been an emotional roller-coaster. While some days, I’m incredibly proud of our progress, other days I feel like quitting.

We’ve found a certain flow in terms of writing, reviewing and sharing on socials. However, I’m not seeing the same flow in our social media following. We had a sizable initial boost but then things stagnated. In the last couple of days, follower growth has even stopped completely.

Although organic searches are meant to be our main source of visitors in the future, it’s not realistic to expect many organic visitors now. So yes, it’s frustrating that few people follow us and few people get to read what we write.

I sound like a spoiled kid, right? And rightly so, I feel I am in love with our product. To me, T3G is better than most of what else is out there. We aim to dig deeper and inform better. We don’t just tell people what to do but also aim to give the why and how.

As for design, there’s always room for improvement but I feel we’ve done a great job so far. It’s readable, minimalist, but not too much that it lacks in depth/quality/substance.

However, these are my views. You might disagree. And that’s something that frustrates Loki and me. Not that you disagree, but that you don’t tell us. Let’s start a conversation on the comments. We’ve almost exclusively received positive feedback so far. We know that not everything is positive. It doesn’t matter how motivating a great job is, it doesn’t help us to improve.

On the other hand, the only constructive feedback that we’ve received is about people not understanding what we’re about. Granted, this is an aspect we are aiming to improve. If you don’t get it, could you give us a hand and tell us what is confusing? What would you change if you could? 

Thanks for making it through this rambling and for sticking with us. We sincerely appreciate you. If you want to learn more about our experiences working on T3G in July, have a look at this month’s reflection document.