Things are very busy for Loki and myself and we’re not getting the expected results. We’re so busy and we have other priorities so we kind of decided to give up. Or at least push it aside until we’ve got our other things figured out.

But I just can’t let go…

I am going to continue writing, although a lot less, and promoting the new articles. The thing is, I don’t want to focus on all social media channels. I am just going to focus on the one where I can reach most of you.

What can you expect going forward?

Honestly, there’s only one certainty: you’ll keep receiving the newsletter.

Apart from that, we’ve got some social media content, especially videos, that we never published. I am probably going to publish those, depending on your preferred social media channel.

What’s in the past?

Well, again, we didn’t reach our social media goals. To be fair, we didn’t really try. Halfway through November we kind of quit promoting and we decided to rebrand. By the end of the month, we decided we didn’t actually have time for that. And just couldn’t figure out which problem it is exactly that we’re trying to solve.

The number of views of Top Three Guide was also at an all-time low. We didn’t even get an average of 10 per day.

So why keep going?

It gives me a sense of purpose and it has helped some people. I know the morning routines have been implemented by some. Others liked the habits to be productive every single day.

We’ve got about 50 other articles on the website that might be useful to someone some day.

And by keeping this boat afloat, we’re still able to set full sail and explore the deep waters of the Internet when our personal storms are over.