Hi again!

Kjell here. Another month has flown by. With COVID-19 and limits on social interactions, time seems to pass very slowly; but not for T3G. When I look back at some articles, I often can’t believe it’s been so long since we’ve published them. What seems like yesterday, was actually published more than a month ago. It’s insane.

This month, we’ll keep this update short, as we did a live reflection session with Q&A on Instagram. Loki isn’t really as scary as he looks on the photo by the way.

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For more details about the numbers and our in-depth reflections, read this.

What happened last month?

Very few things happened last month. Of course, we added some new content. These are the best parts:

What’s next?

We promised more social media engagement, and we didn’t deliver. This time we will. Promise.

We have a few more articles due about flow, which are reading and just waiting to be published. Next up are three articles about saying no. Research is done and we’re also in the process of writing them. Afterwards, we’re thinking about topics like reducing stress, unless you have other topics you would love to learn about asap. If so, please let us know!

Stay tuned, and meanwhile, be sure to follow us on your favourite social media accounts.