Are you looking for the best free habit tracker app to boost your productivity? Look no further. We made a selection of three of the best apps available for iPhone. Unfortunately, only one app is also available in the Google Play Store.

From a preselection of 30 apps, we selected the free apps that don’t require you to make an account. That left us with twelve apps. We’ve tested them all on usability for a few days until we reduced them to just five. After carefully considering the pros and cons, we narrowed our selection down to the final three. 

Top 3 habit tracker apps:

Top 3 free habit tracker apps

App 1: Habit Tracker by Davetech Co.

The free version of this habit tracker app lets you add unlimited habits. This is a big plus because many free apps have a limit of 3 habits, which often isn’t enough. 

Although Davetech Co. also offers a premium version, the free version is very complete. It offers you the possibility to track habits by minutes, distances or units. For example, you could add a goal of walking 10.000 steps per day. If you only walked 8.000 in a day, you haven’t completed your goal, but you can still log those 8.000 steps to track your attempt at completing your goal. Another example: if your goal is to eat 3 pieces of fruit in a day, you can log them one by one.

For a free app, it also offers plenty of summary and analysis functions. On the overview page, you can see your progress for each habit and find more detail about each individual one. A detailed view shows you monthly and even yearly completion rates, as well as current streaks, best streaks, records, total completion rates and many more cool features. 

On a separate page, you can also find a weekly overview of your habits. Although I’d say that this page’s design is perhaps a bit too delicate and colourful, I find the overview quite clear and useful.

Download this free habit tracker if you want more focus on complete summaries and analysis. 

Habit Tracker

Sponsored App: Greatness

If you want to achieve much more with your habit tracker app, try Greatness. It’s not free, but it will help you track your habits on a much higher level so you get better results quicker.

App 2: Simple Habit Tracker by HighDream

The free habit tracker app by HighDream is so pleasing to the eye. As well as the previous one, it allows you to track unlimited habits. 

Simple Habit Tracker has fewer features than the other two apps. Therefore, I believe it has the most easy-to-use interface.  This clean, minimalistic app only has three pages: ideas, doing and done.

The ‘Ideas’ page is by far the best page of this app. It’s the reason why this app is in the top 3. It has 100+ suggestions for positive habits. Some suggestions are very simple, yet so creative. I would never have considered eating slower as a positive habit to pursue, even though it’s such a good one to have. 

The habits in this habit tracker are colour-coded. This helps you to discover and find new ideas but also to make sure that you have a balanced set of daily habits. Green habits are physical, mental ones orange and emotional ones red. Spiritual habits, finally, are blue.

The ‘Doing’ page is easy to use. Swipe right for completed habits or left if you want to skip. If you forgot a day, scroll up to go back up to seven days. 

The analysis page finally, is simple but has all you need. It shows you how many times you’ve completed a habit per category. You’re also able to see your weekly completion dates which are connected by lines to indicate your streaks. 

Download this app if you want more focus on usability and habit inspiration.

Simple Habit Tracker

App 3: Way of Life – Habit Tracker by Way of Life ApS

Way of Life is our third option. Unfortunately, the free version has a limit of only three habits. There definitely are more apps out there with unlimited habits but we chose this one because of the clean home page. 

This habit tracker is easy to use and gives you an immediate idea of how you’ve been doing in the last week. Green means completed, red not completed and boxes are shaded when you skip a day. 

Use colour blind mode to easily track your habits

On the last day of using this app, I also discovered that it has a free colour blind theme. I think that’s very useful as different types of colour blindness affect one in twelve men!

I remember beating a friend on FIFA once. After the game, he told me he had daltonism and couldn’t separate his team’s red shirts from the green pitch. I didn’t feel as good anymore about my victory. Just kidding, I kicked his ass and loved every second of it. 

So, on-topic. Some other features of the free version are: 6-week summaries, useful reminders and notes to help you reflect on your progress. Summaries can be seen in total or per habit. 

Download Way of Life if you want more focus on simplicity and weekly progress. 

Way of Life

Habit tracker app versus offline template?

So should you choose an app or an offline template?

Both habit tracker types have their pros and cons. Offline templates take some time to make but are more personalised to your needs. That’s why I prefer an offline piece of paper. It also makes me feel more connected with my habits. Besides, it’s more satisfying to colour a box than to click a button. And not to forget: if spending less time on your phone is one of the habits you pursue, it doesn’t make sense to use your phone to log that. 

The benefit of a habit tracker app is that it sends you notifications. So, if you tend to forget about your habits, the app might give you the necessary push. You can also log habits anytime and anywhere. Although you could probably travel with your offline template as well, I prefer to have it in a visible place near my desk. 

Both types give you the possibility to see your progress. Whilst this information might be a few clicks away on your phone, it’s always within sight if you use a habit tracker template. 

Sustain your habits

Having good daily habits is very beneficial for you. Unfortunately, starting and maintaining them, isn’t always as easy. A habit tracker can give you a big boost. Give it a try. 

We hope you found the free habit tracker app you were looking for. If not, one of our other habit tracker ideas might suit you. Either way, let us know which habit tracker you downloaded or which template you’ll start to use. If none, please let us know how we can improve these selections. 

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