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As I was writing the seventh issue of Top Three Thursday, I decided to start with a personal reflection on goal-setting and Top Three Guide. It quickly turned out that it was going to be a bit longer than an introduction should be. So I turned it into this blog post.

I am a big fan of setting goals around input, not results. It means setting goals that are within control. I can control how many times I promote the newsletter, not how many new subscribers I’ll get, for example. 

I don’t doubt this is better for my mental health. It means I won’t get as anxious or stressed about uncontrollable results. Yet, this may also be perceived as a lack of ambition. And it makes me wonder how long I should keep trying. 

Two ideas are clashing. One, patience is necessary to reach my goals. Two, I might be wasting time waiting for Godot, I mean the results.

So, while it’s not my preferred method, I’m going to set a clear goal for myself.

“By the time my first child is born, I need to have 100 newsletter subsribers or I’ll quit.”

Simple as that. Why?

While it’s hasn’t really dawned on me yet that I’m going to be a dad in two months, I know that I will need to reconsider my priorities. I’m always busy now. If I’m not writing, I’m learning or promoting Top Three Guide.

I never want to stop learning, so Top Three Guide is going to have to be the victim.

If it’s worthwhile, and there are enough followers, I know it is going to cost me less to keep this boat afloat. But if it’s only you, me and about 20 others, I doubt it’s worth it.

At the moment, I’m fighting the Top Three Guide promotion battle on three fronts:

Ironically, what I like most is where we get least followers and engagement.

I prefer the newsletter, by far. = 22 subscribers
Twitter is a close second. = 66 followers
And Instagram is a bit behind in third place. = 224 followers

I haven’t really really made an effort to grow our accounts, so it’s a bit to soon to judge. I haven’t been social enough on social networks. (In case you noticed the double “really”, it’s there on purpose.)

I want to give them a fair chance starting next week and see how it goes.

Again, the goal is to reach 100 newsletter subscribers in about two months. If I don’t make it, all three fronts are lost. It doesn’t make sense to continue with the newsletter if I won’t be promoting it elsewhere.

So here we go. Let’s start the countdown.

Kjell VDV

Kjell Vandevyvere is a coaching and teaching enthusiast. He's always been fond of reading and writing. In Top Three Guide, he combines all his passions. A few months ago he could be found around Cochabamba’s classrooms and soccer pitches 7/7. Now, he’s living a monks life behind his computer. Some say he never stops learning or writing. Learn more about Loki and myself on the about us page.

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