You might think deadlines are a hassle. They’re just another way for your superior to demonstrate their power over you.

But what if you looked at deadlines differently? 

Deadlines are important to keep work structured. And when you set them mindfully, they can add motivation rather than take it away.

Let’s analyse the importance of deadlines and discuss some strategies to get more done in a day. 

All you need to know about deadlines

Deadlines: your superpower to get more done

The pressure of a reasonable deadline is one of the best free performance enhancers. Especially when you set your own deadlines, they add feelings of control, focus and motivation.

Combined with better organisation and clearer communication around projects, these benefits of deadlines help you to get more done in a day. 

But what if someone else sets your deadlines?

Simple. No one prevents you from adding your own. Split the task up into smaller, more controllable chunks. 

The Yerkes-Dodson law states that a certain level of mental arousal increases performance up to a certain point, after which too much stress affects it. 

In other words, one huge deadline might seem too stressful, but multiple smaller milestones could create a healthy challenge. The goal of your deadlines is to find the perfect balance.

When you hit the sweet spot with your deadlines, they are great motivators that help you become more productive.

How to get more done thanks to deadlines

As we just said, the secret behind the importance of deadlines is setting your own. 

You can split future deadlines into smaller milestones to avoid overwhelm and enjoy a greater sense of progression. Because of this you’ll feel more in control, and thus also more motivated.

Set realistic deadlines considering that it will take longer than you expect. Don’t overestimate yourself when you set deadlines. We always believe we’ll do things faster this time. We rarely do. 

Finally, you shouldn’t just count on deadlines to get more done. Creating habits, avoiding distractions and taking regular breaks are three more tips you should heed to be productive every day.

Set your own deadlines at regular intervals to maintain a sense of control and feel the progression.

Find the best tools to get more done

Keeping track of deadlines, of course, is just as important as setting them. 

You may find it useful to keep them in your agenda or write them down on a piece of paper. But we’ve got so much technology at our disposal these days… It’s time to start using it to your advantage.

A to-do list app could help you keep track of your deadlines and split them further up into smaller tasks. (Here’s our selection of the best free to-do-list apps).

And if you’re the type that likes to track daily progress or habits to reach their deadlines, check our recommended free habit tracker apps too.

Find great tools to keep track of your deadlines and watch how you get more done in a day.

So why are deadlines important again?

Deadlines are important to get more done in a day, in a week and in life. Not only do they keep your schedule more structured, but they’re also a great motivator to keep you more productive.

Ready to get started? Remember to set reasonable timeframes at regular intervals. Keep the planning fallacy in mind. Find the perfect tool to track your progress. 

Now watch your productivity skyrocket.  

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