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The idea for Top Three Guide originated sometime around the end of May 2020. The first meeting and the first deadlines soon followed. By the end of the first week, we had done a lot of brainstorming but very little action. In the next few weeks, things changed rapidly.

Looking back now, a bit more than a month later, it’s unbelievable how much has changed. From literally nothing but an idea, we’ve gone to a working website with real website traffic. Although we’re not exactly on target for the number of articles we’d like to have, we’re overperforming in terms of our expected page visits and social media followers.

The value created by Top Three Guide has been priceless for us. We’ve learned so much in so little time and for not too much money. Up until now, we’ve spent less than $200 on the website. No university can compare.

You do learn so much by doing. If there’s one thing I would recommend you to do, it’s this: START. Start doing. Start your project. Don’t be afraid of the small upfront costs. You’ll learn so much more from one month of work on your own project than from 10 online courses. I’d even dare to say that you’ll learn more in one month of starting a project than in one semester at Uni.

So, without further ado, here are our reflections from June.

I know I’m one of those few weird guys who prefer reading over watching a video. I find it so much more effective, you’ll probably find it so much more boring. So for everyone but me and the few odd people like me, here’s Loki’s video reflection of our first meeting.

TTG First meeting

Remember that no one ever stops learning. You’ll never stop learning, we’ll never stop learning. What are your takeaways from our first month ‘in business’? What caught your attention? Did you learn anything from us? What would you recommend us to do?